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Couples Retreat 2016

The Purpose and Beauty of a Godly Marriage

by Pastor Jerome V. Carter

Ministry of Marriage
by Pastor Sandy

Creation of Marriage – Part 1
by Pastor Sandy

Creation of Marriage – Part 2
by Pastor Sandy

Permanence and Perseverance
by Dr. Julius West

Blended Families
by Lady Tina West

Panel Discussion
by All Speakers

Couples Retreat Sessions 2015

Praying the Amor Over Your Spouse

Today, we are standing in You Lord, and in the power of Your might.

Lord, I pray the whole armor of God upon my (wife/husband) and we stand against the plans of the devil.

In the name of Jesus, I cast down the principalities, the powers, and the rulers of the darkness of this world. I cast down spiritual wickedness in high places, and render them harmless and ineffective against me and my (wife/husband).

We resist you devil in the name of Jesus and we stand our ground!

I place the belt of truth around (his/her) waste, the truth of God that sets (him/her) free.

I place the breastplate of righteousness over (his/her) heart and body. Remind (him/her) that (he/she) is in right standing with You God.

I thank You that (his/her) feet are covered with the Gospel of Peace, and in that place of peace you have given (him/her) authority over all the power of the enemy.

I place the helmet of salvation securely over the head of my (husband/wife) for (he/she) has the mind of Christ. The only spirit (he/she) will follow is the Spirit of the Living God which lives inside (him/her) and speaks to (him/her) from within.

I place the shield of faith in (his/her) life so (he/she) can quench every arrow the enemy shoots in (his/her) direction.

I place the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God in (his/her) life, so (he/she) will use it to pierce through the plots and plans of the wicked.

Thank You Lord, for my (husband/wife) and I speak complete victory over (his/her) life today.

Prayer and Fasting
by Pastor Jerome V. Carter

Communication and Forgiveness
by Minister Darin Earley & Sister Sonya Early

God’s Armor & Blended Families
by Bishop Sheridan McDaniel

God’s Armor & Blended Families, Part 2
by Bishop Sheridan McDaniel

by Bishop Sheridan McDaniel

Righteousness and Truth
by Minister Darin Earley

Panel Questions
by Pastor Jerome V. Carter, Lady Tracey Carter, Deacon Elgin Mosby, Sister April Mosby, Minister Darin Earley, Sister Sonya Earley